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When it comes to reading your Bible, how many times have you told yourself, “maybe later?” For many, a consistent Bible study routine is hard to maintain. We set out with our reading goals eager to get started. For whatever reason, we get distracted and it does not take long to fall off the wagon. Frustration takes over and we’re back where we started... not reading God’s word. How can we overcome this cycle? We have a checklist just for you. Whether you grew up studing your Bible or not. These tips apply for all.

Start at ANY time

Begin with today’s date and go from there. In a year from today you would have completed the circle and read the Bible in its entirety!

Focus on Today!

Miss a day or 2 or 3? Skip those days. Then later on in the week or on the weekend, if you have some free time, you can use that time to catch up.

Remember, it takes effort on your part

So plan accordingly. Develop a strategic approach. Wise treasure hunters are not random or haphazard. Set a time that works realistically and stick to it.

Keep in mind the purpose of the collection of writings: Revelation.

“God in his sovereign love has purposed to bring the sinful world of his fallen creation to the redeemed world of his new creation.” Christopher Wright

We do ourselves a serious injustice by reading bits and pieces of the Bible in isolation. A comprehensive study is truly the most effective way to understand and appreciate the depth of the Father’s ‘sovereign love’ for us.

Change your perspective

From: Simply reading / studying the Bible

To: Spending alone time every day with the God I love.

What are you looking for? -- S.O.A.P.


Observation: e.g. Evidence of God’s love…

Application: 2 Tim 3:16 - Believe. Stop doing. Do Better. Start doing.


How clear is the text?

Versions matter. Pick a suitable version. Study Bibles help too.



Pens, paper, highlighters. Keep a log. Memorize.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

That’s how we learn. Caution: Not everyone is equipped to answer your questions. Choose wisely and don’t just take anyone’s word for it. Check what they say against the Word for yourself.

(Isaiah 8:20)

Partner & Group

Jesus did not send his disciples out solo. Make use of / create a forum for dialogue and the exchange of perspectives.

Share what you find

Testify. Witness. Teaching others all the things He commanded (The Great Commission) is the

best way to learn and remember. #beststuffintheworldtodaycafe.


...Come! Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life.

Rev 22:17

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