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God + Girls

Dee-1 is breaking the cycle of negativity while striving to be real, righteous and relevant in everything he does.

By Brittany N. Winkfield


Dee-1 recognizes the weight an responsibility he has to use his gifts and talents that God has blessed him with. He uses his music as an agent of change. In his debut project as owner of his record label, Mission Vision, Music, God and Girls proves that the two topics are more than songs, but relevant topics in everyone’s life. “It’s exciting to take this step of independance and have the sense of ownership,” explains Dee-1. 


The topics of spirituality and love will never get old, thus, God and Girls has inspired live “God Talks” with Dee-1 on Instagram. “It’s always bigger than music with me and the music is the opportunity to open up a bigger dialog on the subjects. Dee-1 creates music that is meant to be the soundtrack of your lifestyle. “I strive to be real, righteous and relevant in everything I do.” Dee-1 challenges you to pay attention to what music you let get in your spirit. Music has been around since Biblical time and has the power to shape your thoughts and perceptions. “My music helps edify your spirit.”


In 2016, his is single, “Sallie Mae Back,” went explosively viral and became known as the “debt free student loan anthem.” After making the minimum payment on his loans each month (well, some months, lol), Dee-1 signed a record deal and decided to use the money to completely finish paying Sallie Mae back. In the video he celebrates and shouts, I finished! He shares that he made this fun song to give people hope. His previous album, ‘Slingshot David,’ encouraged listeners to find your Slingshot and use it to defeat your Goliaths—a concept everyone can relate to.


Growing up in New Orleans, the temptation of the streets was very appealing, but the same streets took the life of Dee-1’s best friend who was murdered. At that moment, Dee knew that God called him to break the cycle of negativity, so he chose a different route. Dee began rapping in college and became very popular on campus, but upon graduation, he decided to use his charisma and swagger to become a middle school teacher to reach the youth. He soon traded his classroom for a microphone and a stage, and the rest is history. Dee-1 entered the rap game on a mission to inspire people everywhere. 


While he is not in a relationship currently, he is looking for wife. In his song, “The One,” with Jonathan McReynolds he talks about the qualities he appreciates in a woman. “People Don’t Want That Real,” is a song about self reflection and questioning if he will be saved in the Kingdom when Jesus returns for His children.


Understanding his place in this world that God created is how Dee-1 gets back to the basics in his walk with Christ. He explains how you need to have humble confidence. “Humble yourself to know your place, but smile knowing how special you are to God. The proper balance ot those two emotions are essential to a successful life.” “Knowing that God specifically chose me to be who I am and blessed with the life that I have make me have an ever-increasing amount of respect, admiration and reverence for God,” says Dee-1.

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