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Back2Basics Magazine Vol. 1: A coffee table book highlighting the "Best of B2B."

After interviewing more than fifty of the world’s greatest spiritual minds, Back2Basics Vol. 1 offers practical tips and tools to help you get back to the basics in your walk with Christ. This collection takes you on a journey to transform your spiritual life and direct your path to stronger faith.

Back2Basics Magazine is looking forward to what God has in store!  We especially thank you for your donation to this ministry. 


Your gift will be utilized in the following upcoming initiatives:


1. B2B Events

Bringing the content of the magazine to life in-person. The events will cover topics and issues challenging young adults offering content, evangelism and social connections all in one!

2. Education Workshops Around Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a foundation of our publication. We want to build the dreams of our readers and give practical tools to get them started.

3. Faith-based Radio and Television Programming

While we look to expand the brand, multi-media is the way we will reach new readers and share the good news.


4. B2B Annual Fund

B2B Mag has been privately funded, however, our annual fund model will allow us to build a sustainable operating fund to expand this ministry farther than we could ever imagine! We thank you for any contribution you can make to further the gospel.

"A beautifully designed art piece with practical tips to get back to basics in your walk with Christ."

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