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What Everyone Is Searching For

By Brittany N. Winkfield


In his autobiography, The Plug, Brian goes into detail about how one decision made by his father to quit his six figure job and write a book that God called him to write completely flipped the script. His family went from thriving and having it all to complete poverty in just a few months.


As a musician, Brian uses his talents in writing lyrics and performing powerful songs that impact an entire generation. Both the book and the music tell Brian's story of redemption from self destruction into the loving arms of Christ.


Flashback to 10 years ago, Brian describes himself as being "thoroughly confused." His mind was on getting money by any means necessary. He was not thinking about people or his future. Having been raised in the church, Brian received more love from the streets. The men that he looked up to introduced him to a lifestyle that consumed him since the age of 15. An opportunity to sell marijuana led to selling cocaine that led to a vicious cycle of drugs, alcohol, money and sex. Brian was spinning out of control, yet searching for change.

It took several encounters with God and the the law to convict Brian to change. Even after witnessing God's grace first hand, on more than one occasion, deep down Brian didn't trust God and was scared to change. One reason why people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they have to gain. When Brian made the decision that his past would not define him, it was after God gave Brian the specific sign that he asked for. As he sat in a prison holding cell he said "Lord if it's my time, don't let anyone answer the phone, but my father." The sign was so clear and undeniable that Brian made the bold move to live for Christ. He said this is not how the story is going to end.


God took Brian through a process similar to rehab. "Everything I had built up myself had to be stripped down," explains Brian. We get consumed with trying to do things ourselves, that we leave no room to see God work. When you see Brian today, the difference is that he is connected to God first. He recognizes that the pain, struggles, trials, hardships and traumatic experiences have prepared him for the purpose he was created to carry out. "I don't give up."


Now as a man of God living in his purpose, Brian is intentionally testifying all over the world. As a member of The Grace Tour team, Brian's goal is to impact as many lives as he is purposed to. "I want to fully maximize the gifts He has given me," says Brian. He gets back to basics in his walk with Christ by surrounding himself with people who keep him grounded and are more humble and powerful than himself. "We are agents of change creating positive energy and atmospheres. Greatness is inside of you."

"I'm not a prisoner no more. I'm forgiven. Chains can't hold me. I'm truly living.

He's risen me from the dead... I don't apologize for the way I was living because

without it, how would I know I've been forgiven?"

As a newlywed, Brian met his wife, Sophy, online. Their relationship is an example

of how powerful prayer is and how God has a blessing waiting for you when you

are faithful to Him first. "I'm so thankful to my wife and the Queen she is, that has

brought out the King in me."


With an entrepreneurial spirit, the Thomas' started an organization called

Be The Next Level (B.T.N.L.) and created their program entitled “The Activate Series.”

The objective of their company is to show that there is nothing you can’t do to

overcome with the proper perspective, attitude, effort, and spirit behind you.

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