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Back2Basics Magazine

A Youth Lifestyle Magazine


To inform and inspire young people in their daily lives.


A movement to express, encourage and excite!

The Product

  • 2000+ audience at the launch event in Denver, Colorado in April 2012 

  • Current reach of 6,935 subscribers (January 2019)

  • Digital Publication 

  • Published bi-monthly 
  • Offered free of charge

  • Features national figures of influence through personal Q & A interviews 

  • Includes outstanding content for youth and young adults ages 11-18


Online Presence 

  • Podcast channel on iTunes and SoundCloud

  • Mobile devices and tablet application

  • Website - 1500 views per month

  • Social Media - more than 2500 fans and followers on eight platforms

  • Dynamic videos and audio content


Advertisers receive: 

  • Cutting-edge multimedia opportunities including digital magazine, website, print and events, allowing you to branch out and deliver your message to thousands of viewers.

  • Bonus online exposure with direct links

  • Bonus iPhone and Android compatibility

  • Bonus tablet compatibility free of charge

  • Bonus social media mentions free of charge 


Who should partner with Back2Basics Magazine? 

  • Advertisers who understand that the youth are our future generation of leaders 

  • Advertisers with new products or services

  • Advertisers who need additional brand awareness

  • Retailers who need to generate or increase sales, both online and in-store

  • Marketers who understand the value of segmentation and target marketing 

*All web ads appear on the homepage, B2B Partners page with logo, description and hotlink. In addition, web ads are included in the B2B Mag App available on iPhone and Android devices. 

Web due dates:

Web materials due on the 20th of the month (October, December, February, April, June, August). Web ads go live at the start immediately upon payment.

Please include URL of company site with your ad materials to be linked from ad. 

Preferred ad format is .PNG.

Each 1-Time ad runs for a duration of 60 days.

E-mail web ads to 

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