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Living to express himslef without limits as an artist, author and designer

As children, we are often asked what we want to be when we grow up. While most kids answer doctor, lawyer, veterinarian, fire fighter, etc., JQ Sirls had a goal to take over Disney and create his own movies and books. The only thing that has changed today is that he’d rather create his own Disney than take over the current one. “My whole life has been driven toward that goal,” says JQ. He has always been very unwaveringly focused and driven. “I am incredibly stubborn and bullheaded when it comes to my goals and dreams.”

Thinking back to ten years ago, JQ was a Kansas City college boy, teaching dance, running a budding clothing line and trying not to fail classes as he had a hard time seeing the point of school. “Many people thought I was dumb, silly, living in fantasy and would fail during my journey.” Instead of trying to prove them wrong, he focused on proving himself right in believing in his dream. He made it a mission to inspire kids who were like him sharing the message that they are only limited by their imaginations. “I have a lot of faith in the next generation. If I didn’t I would have to look and us and generations above as the cause. Seeds don’t grow without proper nurturing.”

The goal for Sirls’ work is to bring a closer connection between children and adults in a way that makes childhood awesome and remind adults to live a little. He is doing all that is needed to reach ultimate goal of creating a feature length film studio, retail franchise and hybrid amusement park. There have been some pretty awesome milestones along the way. “It’s a lonely road following a dream that many don’t get until you reach milestones that they (and the you inside that’s doubtful) can quantify and understand,” says JQ.


“I don’t fear failure. I embrace it like a professor who’s guiding me on what works and what doesn’t work for the next time I try.” Sirls shares that he is spiritually connected to his vision when he is focused, but when he walks in fear and not faith, the connection is lost. “It has helped me create paths untraveled and make calculated risks that have brought me this far. To do what no one has ever done, you must think differently.”

Current events have led JQ to be much more observant of his surroundings, “and I could bet my brothers are doing the same,” he adds. “I’m still combing through those emotions honestly to really think about a deeper impact.” He explains that focusing too much on the negative creates a fit of unhealthy emotions that can cause a slow down or blurred vision of where we are trying to go physically and spiritually. While he is still very actively working on his walk with Christ, he shares that the only way to stop darkness is through light. “I’m getting closer than ever on finding out how to harness the light. Have to focus on that.”


Give it 100% effort or not at all; therefore, because I want to do X, and to do X the right way, I cannot and refused to the world talk me into Y and Z EVER as it could tarnish my character, create unhealthy habits, slow down my progress, or cause those who I am trying to lead and reach to doubt me. I wrote X, Y, and Z for those reading this. Replace those letters with your goals and the vices in the way of those goals and repeat it daily. 

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