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Bringing light to the kingdom

By Brittany N. Winkfield


What started as a YouTube ministry, Willie Moore Jr. is now leading out on a great stage to be a witness for Christ. Consistency and faithfulness has guided this servant leader of the Young Fly and Saved Movement to build an alliance of influential people using their talents to bring light to the kingdom. 

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Moore was just 3 months when he was adopted by the loving Willie Sr. and Flora Moore. A taste of fame in the R&B/Hip-Hop music industry came to Mr. Moore, formally known as Pretty Willie, in the early 2000’s. With this came the lifestyle of getting money and living for himself. When he made the decision to leave that career, he didn’t know what he was going to do. “It took a long time to get that stuff off me.” Serving God and following the Bible gave Moore the knowledge to know that God has the power to ressurrect dead things. He says unapologettically, “If you don’t know Jesus, you’re missing out.” Get excited about the goodness of God!

By 2005, Moore was a newlywed transitioning into ministry. “We were in financial turmoil, going broke. It was confusing and scary,” recalls Willie. “We lost our home, we lost our cars and we had to stay in an apartment as big as my Suburban.” When life is not going how you want it, that’s just a location. No matter where Willie would find himself, he know that his location was not as important as his direction. You get back on the right path by getting in to the Word of God and getting the direction that He wants for you. For example, when Willie started in radio, he was on at night. He petitioned the Lord with his desire to tuck his son in at night. In five short months he was promoted to the daytime slot of 3-7 p.m., allowing Moore to be home at night to put his children to bed. 

Ministry is a family affair in the Moore household and everyone is involved from the one-year-old to the thirteen-year-old. As a father of three young men, Moore is intentional about displaying the ups and downs of life and maturation of a man to his children.  “They’ve seen me cry, they’ve seen me fight, they’ve seen me stay up.” He’s teaching them about entrepreneurship and giving them real life experiences. His oldest son, Khalil, served as his road manager this summer. His son Peyton will be traveling on the road with his t-shirt line. “Being a parent is what I’m most satisfied with,” says Moore. “My finish line will be their starting point.”


“Sending people to Jesus does not compare to what you get in the world.” You can make a decision for Christ that will last for eternity. We serve a God who loves us, not because we’re so good, but because He’s so good. I’m not trying to be wonderful, I’m just trying to do what I have to do to let the world know that Jesus Christ is Lord and you can win through Him versus yourself. We all have the privilege to acknowledge God, even when we’re wrong.”


Today Willie and his wife, Patricia, work together as a team toward milestones and accomplish their goals. A recent milestone reached is their book titled Happily After All: Relationship 101. Through their transparent story they share their beginnings and foundations. Described as “Novel meets self-help, meets gossip and testimony. With chapters like “I Cheated” and “That’s Just His Thing,” referring to Willie Moore Jr.’s ministry, they reveal their perceptions of what they thought a relationship was. “Ministry was my chick on the side because my wife wasn’t involved.” Stay tuned for book release date just in time for the Moore’s anniversary week in October 2016.


“I have total faith in the next generation,” saya Moore. They are the most transparent and realest generation I’ve ever met. They keep it 100. Though I am older, I feel like I was supposed to be in their generation. They want to be successful by any means necessary. What I tell them is I don’t mind their attitude or position they are in, I’m just trying to get their direction correct. They don’t have to win on what the world is giving them, they can win on the purpose that God has for them. The reality is they are not walking by faith, but by sight. Until they can walk by faith, it is our job to represent the Kingdom as desirable. A unique way that Mr. Moore does this is by using a DJ as the worship leader. 

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